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Our crushed stone materials consist of graywacke sandstone, high quality, high friction, hard durable stone.

  • Medium, Heavy Stone Fill (10″-16″) (16″-30″)
  • Light Stone Fill (5″-12″)
  • Fine Stone Fill (3″-5″)
  • Landscape Boulders
  • 2″ – 4″ Crushed Stone
  • 1/8, ¼, #8, 3/8, ¾, #57, #67, 1 1/2, Washed Crushed Stone
  • Washed Manufactured Sand/ Ice Control Sand/Paver Bedding/ Stone Dust
  • NYS Item #4 Sub-Base (304.02) (1 ½ ” Minus) Types I, II, III, IV

  • Coarse Sub-Base Item #4 (3″ Minus)
  • Screened Pipe Sand/ Backfill (if Available)
  • Shoulder Stone Sub-Base
  • NYS Select Granular Fill
  • NYS Select Structural Fill
  • 3″ Minus Screened Backfill Material (not For Septic)
  • Common Fill/ Scrap Fill/ Pond Fill
  • Screened Sandy Loam
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Stone Calculator

This Calculator will help you to estimate the volume of stone that is required in cubic yards for your job. The calculators provided are for square or round shapes.

NOTE! These calculators require a JavaScript-enabled browser

Using the Stone Calculator:
  1. Enter the width, length, and thickness/depth of the job
  2. Select the thickness in feet or inches
  3. Click on the Calculate button
The calculator will estimate the number of yards of Stone that will be required for your job. We sell our products by the ton. To convert yards to tons multiply your yards by 1.5 or use the calculator below

Square Shapes
Square Areas.
Cubic Yards Required:
Round Shapes
Rounded Areas.
Depth (Inches) Diameter (Feet)
Cubic Yards Required:
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